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Often it is necessary to quickly and easily be able to get answers to your question regarding the U.S. immigration law, the German citizenship law, how to retain your German citizenship, the German inheritance and German probate law, acknowledgment of paternity, in child custody matters, and in divorce matters.

In this regard, we want to help you and we have set up the possibility to schedule your initial consultation immediately.

Here you can get immediate advice via phone or Skype and talk about your concerns with one of the lawyers of the Rechtsanwaltskanzlei PECHER. You can book your half-hour (160.00 Euro) or one hour (310.00 Euro) initial consultation online. Additional costs will not arise. So you can control how much the consultation will cost.

Compared to a personal consultation hour with our attorney this emergency counseling is more convenient, time and cost saving for you.

If you have already received documents regarding your matter, please keep them handy for the consultation, so the Skype or phone consultation can be as effective as possible.

If your questions are more complex and complicated, it will be necessary to schedule a more detailed initial consultation with the Rechtsanwaltskanzlei PECHER by phone or Skype.


Here you can directly schedule your initial consultation:

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